Gift of Life - Live to Give
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Manikako is a non-profit organization that teaches children how to make
their own dolls from
recycled materials.

To do this more effectively, Manikako needed more volunteers. The challenge
was to increase awareness
and bring more
volunteers to the cause
through digital.

Manikako needs volunteers
emotionally attached to its cause.
The communication has to hit the audience where they are most emotionally vulnerable: the heart.
To reach more people, Manikako partnered with a well-known brand. Energizer Philippines gave life
to the toys.
Technology sometimes desensitizes us to emotion. What I wanted to do was literally burn sentimental images into the viewer's memory - static moments that are universal to everyone and anyone in the world regardless of age, race, or culture.

AF Benaza
Director, Gift of Life
Computer Arts Magazine Interview

Gift of Life is a tearjerker starring
a robot and a doll.

A completely original soundtrack set the mood
and conveyed the emotions of the toys.
Lighting and cinematography helped tell
their love story.

Energizer Philippines volunteered to fund the
film. It was distributed on Youtube,
and mirrored on the Manikako website.

To date, Gift of Life has gathered over 5 million combined views without a single peso spent on
media. Manikako experienced a 200% increase
in volunteer requests.

To watch the entire film, click here.
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